We provide windows of opportunity.

How We've Helped Others

We have worked with a number of companies to assist them with their strategic marketing needs.  These include business strategy, product strategy, and marketing strategy services. Within each practice area, we offer strategic guidance, diagnostic assessments, and management tools and services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.  We leverage over twenty years of business and marketing experience along with time-proven methodologies to quickly get you on the right track.

The client case studies below highlight our work in three areas -- entrepreneurs, professional services, and high-tech/telecommunications.  Additional client case studies are available upon request.



Getting new businesses off to a great start....

Starting a business is a risky and time consuming proposition.  It can be challenging trying to identify and prioritize marketing efforts, when faced with the desire to launch with a bang.  We help guide clients through the options and determine what the right marketing mix is for them.  We also help them evolve this marketing strategy as they begin to expand into new new markets or introduce new products.

Examples of entrepreneurial clients we have worked with include:


Professional Services

Helping consultants so that they can focus on helping their clients...

The professional services and consulting areas are crowded with organizations, many with an undifferentiated position and message.  We work with professional services firms to help them identify a differentiated market position and a sustainable value proposition.  We then build marketing strategies and plan from this foundation.  Finally, we execute on the plans, ensuring that we deliver on time and as requested.

Examples of professional services clients we have worked with include:

High-Tech & Telecom

Helping fill gaps in a difficult market...

It's no surprise to anyone that the high technology and telecommunications sectors have been heavy hit with the economic down-turn.  They have been forced to severely reduce their staffs and squeeze every dollar that they can from their budgets.  The focus has been on survival.  With the seeds of recovery in the air, many of these companies are doing a full evaluation of their product portfolios to determine where their focus should be and how they can get a jump on the competition.

Examples of high tech and telecommunications clients we have worked with include: