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The Situation:

This fitness company was founded by a successful trainer and professional bodybuilder, Lennox Beaumont.  They had recently moved to a new suburban location and was still operating with its existing marketing materials and positioning which was focused on body building and heavy strength training.


The existing positioning was not appropriate for the new suburban location. The company was looking for a way to establish a new look for the firm and reach the new target audience, while also maintaining credibility with the loyal following they had built over the years.


The company engaged Marketricity to help build their market strategy and overall marketing program.  This was, in effect, the launch of the company as well.

The Plan:

Marketricity has acted as the "virtual marketing department" for the company, to date providing:

  • Competitive research

  • Development of positioning and key messages

  • Design of integrated marketing materials, including a new web site, brochure, and flyers

  • Delivered ongoing marketing and public relations assistance and well as web site management

The key deliverable was launching the web site, but the new look and feel needed to be implemented in the other marketing materials to create a consistent new image.   


Marketricity established the new web site in less than 3 weeks.  For here, we delivered flexible marketing collateral templates that can be used for a variety of needs.  We also designed a set of advertising formats that can be used for special promotions that coordinate with new themes.

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