Portrait Challenge, Inc.

Your face for Good.

The Situation:

Portrait Challenge, Inc. is a start-up software and services company founded by Ken Griffin. Ken, a veteran of the technology and the software space, embarked on a mission to establish a company that would go beyond being a "good corporate citizen" and would specifically "do good" as part of its core business function.  He developed the concept for a unique fundraising approach that would enable smaller non-profit, charity, and grassroots organizations to more easily raise money leveraging the power of the Internet.


After several rounds of testing of the initial positioning and messaging for the company's concepts, Ken determined that a shift in strategy was required.  The new direction would require additional outside funding. The business plans that had been developed for the initial concepts needed to be revised to reflect the new approach and investment required in order to commercialize it.  The company established aggressive targets to complete the planning process and begin meeting with potential investors.


Portrait Challenge wanted to develop a comprehensive business plan that more carefully examined the market opportunity for fundraising services and identified the investments required to address the space.  They also needed other materials that the could share with investors, such as an investor presentation and executive summary. 

The Plan:

The Marketricity team would lead the development of the business plan, including the competitive and market research.   The team would also help develop, review, and edit other materials that the Portrait Challenge team was developing to ensure a consistent voice across all the documents. Once the business plan is complete, Marketricity would also develop an investor presentation that could be used in meetings with potential investors.  


Marketricity completed the business plan and investor presentation as requested.  The team also continued to provide guidance and assistance as Ken and the Portrait Challenge management team met with advisors and potential investors.  The company is now fully engaged in a funding campaign to bring Ken's vision to life.

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