Domani Software Services

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The Situation:

Domani Software Services delivers specialized software products and consulting services for the health care and property management industries.  They also develop custom solutions for work-flow and business process modeling.


The companyís offerings had grown dramatically, yet their marketing materials did not reflect the extensive capabilities the firm possessed.  Many of the existing materials were more technical in nature and not very engaging.  The firmís limited marketing resources were also tied up on other projects.


Domani was looking for quick turn around on a set of new marketing materials with a new look and feel that mirrored their web site that was being overhauled.  The initial materials were required within a week, as they were going to a meeting with a prospective partner to discuss one of the new offerings.

The Plan:

In short-order, Marketricity stepped in and acted as an extension of Domani's marketing team providing:

  • Development of a consistent look and feel for their marketing collaterals, leveraging themes from their web site which was under construction

  • Development of graphic frameworks to provide a conceptual overview of Domani's product and service offerings and methodologies

  • Development of initial marketing materials and presentation for one of the service lines

The main deliverables were the initial marketing materials, as Domani was scheduled to present to a potential partner.  Speed and professional image were very important.


Marketricity created the final materials ahead of the aggressive deadlines.  We also delivered a framework for future pieces.  Upon receiving the initial materials, the company expanded the project to include several additional offerings.

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