Customer Centricity

Delivering the news that customer satisfaction is key to business success...

The Situation:

Customer Centricity was formed to help companies identify and address customer satisfaction and support issues. The difficult economic conditions present in the marketplace make this an extremely important focus for companies.  They cannot afford to lose a single profitable customer -- especially when new customers are nearly impossible to find.  Craig Bailey, the founder and president, wanted to leverage his vast experience in building and managing customer support teams to help others achieve the same success and customer loyalty levels that he was able to foster.


The company had launched a web site, but was in the early stages of building a comprehensive marketing and public relations program.  The principal recognized that he did not have time to do business development, including fostering new partner opportunities, and do the required marketing work.


The principal wanted the company to become known as an expert and thought-leader on improving customer support organizations. In keeping with this, he wanted to gain access to speaking engagements, networking opportunities, and appropriate media and analysts to get the word out.

The Plan:

Over the last 6 months, Marketricity has acted as the "virtual marketing and public relations departments" for the company, to date providing:

  • Guidance on key messages and positioning

  • Development of a detailed marketing and public relations plan

  • Guidance on presentations, sales collateral, and web site content

  • Placement of bylined articles in select media outlets

  • Management of public relations campaigns, including service launches

The key deliverable was marketing and public relations programs.  They were critical to educating the marketplace about the inter-relationship between the customer satisfaction and business success especially in a period of tough market conditions. 


The company has issued many press releases and has made great progress in gaining market attention.  They have key customer testimonials available on their web site.  They have also participated in a number of speaking engagements, including the principal, Craig Bailey, presenting at Bentley College in Massachusetts and River College in New Hampshire. 

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