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The Situation:

BelAir Networks is a leader in the emerging broadband wireless mesh network equipment market.  Their equipment is already deployed in over 150 locations around the world offering metropolitan-wide WI-FI network coverage for residents, businesses, and visitors.  Deployment of BelAir equipment by service providers and municipalities fundamentally change the social and economic environment in these communities -- allowing users to freely move within the city, empowering disenfranchised citizens with broadband Internet access that they could not get otherwise, and enabling public safety workers to access critical voice and data services from any where in the city and while on the move.


BelAir had expanded their product line rapidly to address diverse customer requirements.  At the same time, adoption and deployment of municipal wireless technologies had extended beyond the early adopters and was reaching more a mainstream audience. This required a new approach to their marketing, with a need for more market education and materials that focused on specific aspects of the potential user community.  The company, however, was resource constrained and faced tight deadlines for industry events and customer buying cycles.


BelAir wanted to develop a new set of marketing materials that incorporated the learning from its worldwide deployments so new prospects could see the impact municipal wireless networks could make on their communities.  They also needed these materials quickly, as they had firm deadlines.

The Plan:

Marketricity stepped up and developed an aggressive schedule to develop a set of marketing materials to fit BelAir's requirements.  Working with BelAir's marketing team, Marketricity developed a collateral hierarchy that provided a framework for all the materials to be developed, both by Marketricity and internal resources.  The plan called for new marketing pieces including:

  • Solution Overviews -- offering a general view of the business problems faced by a particular audience and how broadband wireless mesh networks played a role in solving them.

  • Solution Briefs -- focused on a particular aspect of a business problem, this piece provided information on a particular use of broadband wireless mesh networks, such as Public Access, Public Safety, Economic Development, and Addressing the Digital Divide.

  • Application Notes -- offering more specific information, these technically-oriented pieces illustrated how to deploy BelAir equipment to solve a particular set of business or technical problems.

  • Customer Case Studies --  focused on providing a snapshot of how BelAir equipment was deployed for a particular customer, these offered a view of the impact customers had received as a result of using BelAir equipment.

  • Position Papers -- designed to provide potential buyers with information so that they could navigate the enormous amount of information about wireless networks, these paper encapsulated the learning of not only BelAir customers, but also others that had not carefully considered user requirements when selecting a vendor.

  • Customer Presentations -- incorporating elements from all the above marketing pieces, presentations including new Corporate Overview, Municipal Wireless Network, and Service Provider presentations were requested.

Professional quality and speed were key concerns for BelAir.  These new materials were part of a larger update of their branding and positioning, so everything needed to come to together and be coordinated.


Marketricity worked with BelAir as an extension of their team.  This ensured a consistent voice across all the materials that were being developed.  It also freed other resources within BelAir to focus on a new branding and closing business.  The result was nearly a completely new set of marketing materials that captured the experience of BelAir customers as evidence of the power of broadband wireless mesh networks.  BelAir was so pleased with the results that a follow-on project for Marketricity was quickly identified.

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