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Helping financial services companies comply with the USA PATRIOT Act...


Business Intelligence Solutions (BIS) is a consulting firm focused on projects related to the implementation of processes required for compliance with the USA Patriot Act.


The principals of BIS were actively engaged with a financial services client on a major project. However, they realized that they needed to branch out to other similar companies to expand their client base.  They needed a cost-effective media to reach this audience, along with someone to design, write, implement, and manage it for them as they did their “day” job.


The company wanted to build a web presence that conveyed the expertise and service offerings that BIS brings to market.  They also wanted help coordinating a complete corporate identity, including corporate logo.

The Plan:

The Blue Sage Group engaged Marketricity to assist in developing a comprehensive marketing and public relations program.  This included:

  • Providing corporate identity guidance
  • Conducting competitive research
  • Performing ongoing market research
  • Developing positioning and messaging strategy
  • Developing content for the web site and marketing collateral
  • Developing and managing the company web site
  • Implementing and managing the public relations program


The new web site and domain email provided BIS with the additional levels of credibility it was looking for when approaching new prospects.  The firm has been successful in expanding its projects at its main client as well as a number of other engagements.  It has also been able to recruit top consulting talent to help expand its offerings and overall capabilities.

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