Discover how to promote your website cost-effectively to save time, save money, and increase traffic.

Your personalized online promotion plan consists of a report that gives you:

  • Market intelligence: a personalized report on what your three main online competitors offer and don't offer, links to their website and advice on how to use this information to improve your online presence.

  • Money-saving ideas: A list of low-cost and free ways to promote your site (tried and tested ideas).

  • Researched recommendations: A personalized list of places you should visit, related to your business web site, including web sites with whom to request links, related e-zines to advertise in, sites to register on, etc.

  • Marketing plan: a recommended two month web marketing plan to help you on your way. Increase traffic, repeat visits and sales to stay ahead of your competition online.

  • Press release and editor e-mails: a press release written by our expert copywriters, with a researched list of relevant editor e-mails for you to send it to.

Your Personalized Website Promotion Plan will:

  • SAVE YOU MONEY: It's affordable and gives you all you need to know about promoting your site cost-effectively, without having to spend a fortune on website promotion consultancy, books, software, and so on.

  • SAVE YOU TIME: Marketricity will take the time to check out your competitors websites, research and find related e-zines and places that relate to your website, for you to advertise in, swap ads with, or send information to. Time will also be spent putting that information into an action plan, personalized for you.

  • INCREASE YOUR KNOWLEDGE: You will learn exactly how to promote your website cost-effectively, with advice and ideas based on expert knowledge, web marketing experience and the latest techniques. And you will discover how to use tried-and-tested ideas and targeted marketing to make your website successful.

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