To optimize the performance of your website, get your site professionally evaluated for appearance, copy, content, search engine readiness and browser compatibility, and get your copy revitalized.
  •  Detailed critique: a comprehensive review of your website's appearance, copy, navigation, browser compatibility, search engine readiness and content and recommendations on how to improve each area.

  •  Fresh copy: Content rewritten or reworked copy for two web pages or more.

  •  New energy: Proposals to rejuvenate your headlines and links .

  •  Competitive review: Evaluation of your website's strengths and weaknesses vs. your top competitors.

  •  Content idea generator: ideas for new or expanded content to help get your unique message across and distinguish your business.

  •  Layout suggestions: Suggested site layout to maximize site performance.

  •  Accessibility: an accessibility checklist and guidelines to make your website accessible to 1.7million blind/disabled users.

Your Web Site Appraisal will:

Save time and money: have your website assessed and make it a winner, sooner than later. Make your site easy to use and read, compelling and effective, without spending a fortune.


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