Build up your business.

The right product at the right price to meet your customer's need.

It sounds easy enough.  But in reality, product planning is tough.  The rate of technological change is increasing.  Depending on your industry, smaller, more nimble competitors may be constantly entering the market or consolidation of niche players may be creating larger competitors with broader product portfolios and greater resources to develop, market, and support them.  What seemed like a perfect product strategy one day can become obsolete with the publication of a news item or press release. 

Our product strategy services are help you assess where your products stand in the market and provide you with alternatives to move forward.  We can also help to streamline your product development processes to become more nimble.


Strategic Guidance

Our product strategy consulting services evaluate where you are in the market today and identifies how to reach your goals for the future. The services include:

  • Product and Portfolio Strategies

  • Go-to-Market Strategies

  • Product Development Process Strategy

Diagnostic Assessments

Our diagnostic assessments help identify issues facing top management, including barriers to growth or performance. The assessments include:

  • Market and Industry Assessments

  • Customer Interviews / Customers Needs Analysis

  • Product Development Process Assessments



Management Tools

Our management tools provide you with a snapshot of your current situation or ongoing monitoring to help you synthesize changes in the market over a given period. These tools include:

  • Competitive Monitoring and Benchmarking