Build up your business.

People don't want to be "marketed TO", they want to be "communicated WITH".  -- Flint McGlaughlin

Stop talking at your customers and start a dialog with them that focuses on their needs and how you can help.  If you have done your homework in your business and product planning, you have already started this communication.  If you haven't, you may end up trying to convince customers that your square peg is perfect for the round hole they need to fill. 

Our marketing services are designed to help you target the right markets with the right positioning and messaging to be successful.  We offer a combination of strategic guidance, diagnostic assessments, and management tools to help you monitor and adapt your marketing programs.


Strategic Guidance

Our marketing strategy consulting services evaluate where you are in the market today and identifies how to reach your goals for the future. The services include:

  • Go-to-Market Strategies

  • Customer Loyalty Strategies / Retention Marketing

  • Customer Segmentation Strategies


Diagnostic Assessments

Our diagnostic assessments help identify issues facing top management, including barriers to growth or performance. The assessments include:

  • Market and Industry Assessments

  • Customer Interviews / Customers Needs Analysis

Marketing Services

Our marketing services deliver compelling messages to your audiences.  We also offer collateral assessment and development services to help in your planning cycles.

  • Marketing Collateral Development

  • Web Promotion

  • Competitive Monitoring

  • Public Relations