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The Blue Sage Group

Perfecting Profitability

The recent scandals surrounding companies like HealthSouth, Kmart, and Tyco International have highlighted the need for businesses to re-examine their governance and ethics in order to restore the confidence of customers, employees, and investors.  The fallout of the dotcoms has further decreased the amount of available capital, which puts more pressure on companies to increase profitability. In a bear market, growth is essential and this has resulted in a conundrum challenging even the most successful business leaders.



The Blue Sage Group offers comprehensive programs that will improve governance and performance management designed to help CEOs and CFOs solve the top and bottom line growth issues.   They will provide access to the business intelligence and accurate information required to solve the profitability conundrum. Their services are integrated into day-to-day operations and will enhance or replace current practices and processes with more effective and efficient solutions.

The Blue Sage Group has developed a proven methodology and toolkit designed to deliver governance improvement and/or Sarbanes-Oxley compliance programs.  Their team provides a comprehensive service that includes assessment, program design, implementation, documentation, measurement and training for all components of our compliance programs.  They work with C level executives and their attorneys to determine their legal and strategic requirements.  They then partner with the executive team and/or governance steering committee leader to design and execute an appropriate improvement plan.  This plan will not only bring the company into compliance, but will identify ways to increase their financial performance through better governance.  The Blue Sage Group's methodology allows them to quickly complete the internal procedure and control assessment, review, testing, and documentation in a manner that meets both the 302 and 404 requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

The Blue Sage Group is comprised of seasoned business professionals with experience in both private and public companies with domestic and foreign operations.  Their expertise spans multiple industries including high technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, professional services, healthcare and life sciences.    Associates and Partners include executives, CPAs and attorneys all geared to provide customers with the highest quality of service, informational and operational excellence, and dedication to perfecting profitability.

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