Craig Bailey

President, Customer Centricity

Craig Bailey is the founder and president of Customer Centricity and an expert in creating customer-focused organizations. He has an extensive background with high technology firms in IT, business process engineering, operations management and customer service.

Craig has successfully developed and implemented processes that are predictable, increase customer satisfaction, gain cost efficiencies and improve profitability.

As Vice President of Customer Care for Genuity's U.S. based customer service centers, Craig led numerous initiatives which increased customer satisfaction and positioned the company for its August 2002 ranking, by Network Magazine, as the #1 Internet Service Provider in customer service.

As Director of Information Services for GTE Internetworking, Craig was instrumental in developing processes that integrated sales, marketing and operations to present "one face" to customers and to exceed their expectations consistently.

At EDS, Holland Mark Martin and GTE Mobile Communications, Craig developed processes and implemented technology to support all facets of customer care. His excellent communications and leadership skills have enabled him to help numerous organizations reach peak performance.

Craig began his career at Great Northern Paper designing systems for sales and marketing to improve the company’s efficiency. Craig has lectured on corporate strategy and customer service effectiveness as a guest speaker at Bentley College in Massachusetts, Rivier College in New Hampshire, and numerous other organizations.

He is frequently quoted on CRMguru's website ( which is the world's largest CRM community.

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